Project Description

Endre Kristóf Kőhalmi

  • Dancing since 2007
  • Started with hip hop and modern courses, then focused on hip hop
  • Studied in Hungaryan Dance University
  • Member in Art Kingdom since 2011
  • Teaching in Art Kingdom since 2013


Credentials as Dancer

Member of A.K. Napoleon Megacrew:

  • 3time back-to-back-to-back Fusion Dance Contest Winner
  • World of Dance Warsaw 6th place
  • World of Dance Europe TV show 3rd place Member of Side Effect Smallgroup:
  • 2 time back-to-back Fusion Dance Contest Winner
  • Hip Hop Unite World Championship Winner 2016
  • World of Dance Warsaw Upper Division Winner 2018
  • X-factor Hungary (4 years)
  • Big Duett
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • The Masked Singer

Credentials as Choreographer

  • Assistant-choreographer in A.K. Napoleon
  • Assistant Chrographer in A.K. Side Effect
  • Choregroapher in A.K. POWA (hip hop smallgroup)
  • Guest-Choreographer at Unique hip hop dance school Romania